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  Q. How do I know this system is right for me?
  A. Clearly, if your soil does not perk, this is a system you will have to have if you are to build on your lot and central sewer is not available. Also, we can help you even if your lot does perk. If you are environmentally sensitive, you might select our system rather than put septic liquids from a standard septic and drainfield into the ground.
  Q. I have heard that engineered system are noisy. Is that true?
  A. Some systems are noisier than others, however Enviro-Klean’s preferred system, the Norweco system, is completely buried and the aeration pump is located inside the system.
  Q. What about foul odors?
  A. There are no odors as long as the system is running properly.
  Q. Is servicing the system a problem?
  A. Enviro-Klean Co. provides two years of twice-a-year service free after installation. This involves checking out all elements to make sure they are operating properly and cleaning the non-biodegradable sediment filter. This work can be done without the nuisance of appointments with the homeowner.
  Q. After the first two years what happens?
  A. Enviro-Klean Co. Encourages owners to sign up for an extended service contract. Cost is modest, based in part on distance from company headquarters and Zion Crossroads. The Virginia Department of Health recently issued regulations under new legislation which requires a system owner to maintain a "relationship" with a certified operator like the Enviro-Klean Co.
  Q. What if the aerator motor fails? Is this expensive?
  A. An on-site alarm will alert the owner to any malfunction. If the motor has failed, it is covered by a 50-year prorated warranty which declines in payout similar to that on automobile batteries.
  Q. How can we be sure Enviro-Klean will be around to take care of any problems?
  A. Of course nothing is certain, as they say except death and taxes, but the owners have invested more than a million dollars in real estate and equipment. With this type of commitment, it is likely that we will be around for a long time.
  Q. Where is the Enviro-Klean Company?
  A. Our address is 151 Starlite Park, Troy, VA 22974. The physical facility is .3 mile south of the traffic light at the intersection of Rts. 250 and 15, just off I-64 between Charlottesville and Richmond. Phone number is (434) 589-4302. Fax (434) 589-5362. Email
  Q. Is this system permitted in my county?
  A. Yes. The system is approved by the Virginia Department of Health/Department of Environmental Quality for use throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Enviro-Klean has systems installed in Albemarle, Fauquier, Madison, Orange, Culpeper, Fluvanna, Buckingham, Louisa, Spotsylvania, Cumberland, Amelia, Greene, Goochland, Caroline and Powatan Counties.
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