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     Enviro-Klean Company was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in March, 2003 for the sole purpose of designing, manufacturing, assembling and servicing alternative onsite sewage systems (AOSS).
      Founders were Mike Clark and Bill Anderson who had been in the business of real estate development and historic preservation since 1997.
      Clark, Enviro-Klean president, is a native of Michigan where he was involved as an electrical contractor. After spending several years in various phases of home construction in Central Virginia in the 1970s and early 1980s, Clark relocated his business to the San Francisco Bay area of California. In 1990 he and his family returned to Virginia, buying a small farm in Fluvanna County from which he based  his operations.
      In 1995, a year after retiring from the Washington, DC area where he was a trade association executive for 30 years, Anderson, Enviro-Klean treasurer, and his wife moved to a new home at Lake Monticello in Fluvanna County. Soon thereafter he and Clark became good friends and began jointly investing in real estate development – Single family home development at Kent Farms subdivision in northeastern Fluvanna County.
      It was during this period that they found that some of the best building sites in Central Virginia would not perk for a standard septic/drain field system and were unusable. This led to the founding of the company in 2003 when they discovered Norweco, an Ohio-based developer of alternative systems for residences and small commercial and industrial users seeking to overcome non-perk problem lots.
      On two and a half acres of a 24-acre industrial site near Zion Crossroads, Enviro-Klean built a modern facility with company offices as well as a drive-through lane where concrete trucks are able to deliver their loads to create the concrete tanks which are at the core of the alternative systems. At this time, Tim Miller, PE and president of Meridian Planning Group, which helps with system designs  and Phil Clark, Mike’s son, became shareholders in the company.
      As the company has grown and state regulations have changed, Enviro-Klean has changed to meet the challenges. Enviro-Klean holds a Class A construction license covering sewage disposal, building and plumbing and electrical. Mike Clark holds one of the first Alternative Onsite Sewage System installer licenses issued by the Virginia Health Department.
      The firm is a member of VOWRA, the Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, as well as NOWRA, the national organization. They are active in local affairs and belong to the Chamber of Commerce. Anderson is a past member of the Fluvanna County Planning Commission and currently is a member of the Fluvanna County Board of Zoning Appeals.

      Besides Enviro-Klean, Clark and Anderson own and operate Serenity Partners, which owns three commercial/industrial sites in the area as well as four commercial rental properties at Starlite Industrial Park near Zion Crossroads. Clark remains active in his Starlite Construction business and is a partner with his daughter and son-in-law in Starlite Heating and Air.
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